Thank God for Quantum Mechanics

Albert Einstein, Anton Zeilinger, atoms, biblical tradition, blackbody, Canceled Science, Chemistry, electromagnetic radiation, emissivity, Energy, Faith & Science, Genesis, Gospel of John, helium, hydrogen, information, Intelligent Design, intention, John Wheeler, Louis de Broglie, matter, Max Planck, mind, Niels Bohr, nuclear fusion, nucleons, observer participation, particles, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Planck’s constant, protons, quantization, quantum effects, quantum mechanics, Schrödinger equation, spectroscopy, sun, ultraviolet catastrophe, universe, University of Paris
An example of how quantum effects permit life as we know it operates in the nuclear furnace of the Sun. Source
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Unexplained — Maybe Unexplainable — Numbers Control the Universe

Carl Sagan, Contact (novel), Cosmos (magazine), electromagnetism, extraterrestrials, Fibonacci sequence, fine structure constant, Golden Ratio, Intelligent Design, Jordan Ellenberg, Laurence Eaves, Paul Davies, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, pi, Planck’s constant, quantum mechanics, relativity, Richard Feynman, University of Nottingham, Wolfgang Pauli
Richard Feynman called 1/137, the fine structure constant, “a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man.” Source
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