Watchdog Group Calls Professor Dave “Anti-Semite of the Week”; Plus an Appeal to the New Atheists

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Does this have anything to do with intelligent design and the evolution debate? Yes, two things. Source
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Anti-Hate Group, Canary Mission, Exposes “Science Educator” Professor Dave

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The idea that Jews, alone among indigenous peoples, have no right to defend themselves on their land, is at once anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Source
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Origin of Life: James Tour’s Sensational 60-Day Challenge to Ten Top Researchers

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Of the ten, Lee Cronin at least is quite active on Twitter or X. I’m going to tweet this to him right now. You should too! Source
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Exposing Professor Dave’s Playground Tactics and Citation Bluffing Blitz

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It’s true that sometimes it can be hard to tell that serious problems remain unsolved until you drill down into the scientific details. Source
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James Tour Focused on Science, Dave Farina on Character Assassination: So, Who Wins?

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Professor Dave’s attacks undercut his credibility as a spokesman for his own view. If he had the truth on his side, there’s no reason he would behave this way. Source
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Origin of Life: James Tour and Dave Farina Will Debate at Rice University on Friday; Watch Here

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Dr. Tour is highly skeptical that theorists have got it all figured out about how life arose on a barren early Earth through known material processes alone. Source
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