Joseph L. Graves as the “Black Darwin”? Think Again

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Darwin could never be considered the kind of anti-racist activist Graves makes him out to be. Source
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Darwin and Agassiz: An Imaginary Picture

Adrian Desmond, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, Charleston, correspondence, Darwin’s Sacred Cause, Evolution, history, Intelligent Design, James Moore, Joseph Dalton Hooker, Lake Superior, primary sources, Races of Man, Racism, Royal Agricultural College, S. P. Woodward, Sacred Cause (series), slavery, United States
Given the close relationship Louis Agassiz shared with pro-slavery factions in the South, Desmond and Moore focus much on Darwin’s relationship with Agassiz. Source
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The Cruel Legacy of Social Darwinism in Nigeria

Africa, Africans, biology, Charles Darwin, chimpanzees, colonialism, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Comes to Africa, ethnicity, Europe, Europeans, Evolution, French Guinea, genetics, historiography, Joseph Stalin, Mandinka, morality, nationality, natural selection, Nigeria, Northern Nigeria, pseudo-science, Race, Racism, random mutation, religion, scientific racism, Social Darwinism, tiger, tiger moth
Social Darwinism rests like a tiger moth on Darwinism, its mother theory; when challenged with facts, it just flits to a slightly different position. Source
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Darwinian Racism, Past and Present

Center for Science & Culture, Cesare Lombroso, Charles Darwin, criminology, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Comes to Africa, Darwin Day in America, Darwinism, DNA, Evolution, humans, Italy, materialism, Museum of Criminal Anthropology, racial struggle, Racism, Richard Weikart, The Descent of Man, Turin, white superiority
John West discusses his experience visiting the Museum of Criminal Anthropology in Turin, Italy, and Cesare Lombroso’s racist ideas about evolution. Source
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How Darwin and Wallace Split over the Human Mind

Alfred Russel Wallace, Animal Liberation, Anthony Flew, Anthony O’Hear, biology, consciousness, cosmogonism, Darwin, David Bentley Hart, David Hume, deism, Donald Hoffman, Erasmus Darwin, Europeans, Evolution, Francis Crick, How Darwin and Wallace Split over the Human Mind, Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, Lawrence Krauss, Lucretius, materialism, Michael Ruse, mind, natural selection, natural theology, neuroscience, Neuroscience & Mind, Peter Singer, Racism, rationalism, Richard Dawkins, Richard Rorty, Richard Spilsbury, Stephen Hawking, Ternate letter, The Origin of Species, Thomas Huxley, Tom Wolfe
Marvelously free of racist prejudice, Wallace noted in his fieldwork in far-flung locations that primitive tribes were intellectually the equals of Europeans. Source
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Weikart: Hitler’s “Might Is Right” Ethic Drawn from Darwinism

Adolf Hitler, alt-right, Aryan race, blacks, California State University Stanislaus, Center for Science & Culture, Culture & Ethics, Darwinian racism, Darwinism, Evolution, history, Holocaust, Jews, John West, Nazis, neo-Nazis, Nordic race, Racism, Richard Weikart, Slavs, webinar, Whoopi Goldberg
Historian Richard Weikart moves into a discussion of neo-Nazis, contemporary white nationalists, and the alt-right. Source
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Censored by YouTube: Watch The Biology of the Second Reich Now

Anthem Film Festival, censorship, Culture & Ethics, Darwinian racism, Darwinists, documentary, Evolution, free speech, Germany, Holocaust, Kaiser, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, Racism, racists, Richard Weikart, Rumble, Second Reich, Social Darwinism, The Biology of the Second Reich, World War I, YouTube videos
I’m not sure why my video was singled out. Perhaps it received too many complaints from outraged Darwinists, or even from racists. Source
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