On Ronald Reagan’s Birthday, Let’s Appreciate His Debt — and Ours — to Intelligent Design

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President Reagan wrung a startling spiritual concession from his Communist counterpart — with an argument for intelligent design. Source
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Happy New Year! No. 1 Story of 2023: Joe Rogan and Stephen Meyer Talk Science and Faith

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For more than three hours, Rogan asked questions about the scientific argument for the reality of God, as well as Meyer’s reasons for believing the Bible. Source
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No. 10 Story of 2023: Solzhenitsyn’s Prophetic Warning — and Meyer’s Counterpoint of Hope

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You would have to be willfully blind, or just stay far away from our major city centers, to miss some of the more obvious signs of the spiritual crisis. Source
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Comparing Design Evidence in Physics Versus Biology — Is One Stronger than the Other?

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The multiverse is nakedly an attempt to save atheism from science. Darwinian theory is less nakedly so. Source
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Stephen Meyer, James Tour: The Origin-of-Life Hustle

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Researchers perform experiments using specially purchased chemical ingredients and assure the credulous science media that this has something relevant to say. Source
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Joe Rogan, Stephen Meyer: Did Images from Webb Space Telescope Refute the Big Bang?

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Joe Rogan is the ideal interviewer for our colleague Stephen Meyer — thoughtful, skeptical, curious about absolutely EVERYTHING. Source
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Defining Science, and Discussing Stephen Meyer’s God Hypothesis, on Twitter

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"God is a hypothesis. What Dr. Meyer does is evaluate that hypothesis against the latest scientific evidence of the last century." Source
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