Language: Darwin’s Eternal Mystery

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A whole host of “certified geniuses” have failed to crack the human language problem, and this must count as a blow to Darwinian ideas of evolution. Source
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Thanksgiving and the Frailty of Scientific Atheism 

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Our bioethicist colleague Wesley Smith had a very interesting and wide-ranging conversation with Stephen Meyer. Source
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Norm Macdonald’s God Hypothesis 

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Norm casually took on the entire scientific community for “refusing to explore” what he considered the “fundamental question” of God’s existence. Source
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Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection Has Left a Legacy of Confusion over Biological Adaptation

adaptation, Biological Emergences, biology, brain, cave fish, Charles Darwin, Conference on Engineering in Living Systems, Evolution, externalism, hurricane, Intelligent Design, internalism, Jerry Fodor, John Gerhard, Marc Kirschner, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, Mother Nature, natural selection, New York Times Book Review, Phreatichthys andruzzii, Pocahontas, Richard Lewontin, Robert G. B. Reid, Stephen Jay Gould, sweating, What Darwin God Wrong, William Paley
Our ability to adapt to fantastically diverse circumstances did not result from the happenstance of environmental conditions. Source
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Honoring Richard Lewontin, Famed Evolutionary Biologist and Sometime Critic of His Own Field

"God of the gaps", adaptationist, Billions and Billions of Demons, brachiopod shells, Carl Sagan, Charles Darwin, Darioconus auricomus, Darwinism, empirical science, Evolution, Harvard University, Herbert Spencer, historical sciences, intelligent causation, Intelligent Design, Jerry Coyne, Jerry Fodor, John A. Moore, just-so stories, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, methodological naturalism, Origin of Species, Richard Lewontin, sea snail, spandrels, Stephen Jay Gould, The New York Review of Books, What Darwin Got Wrong, William Dembski, zoologists
The quote for which Lewontin has become best known appeared in his 1997 review of a book by Carl Sagan. Source
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More Dispatches from the Science/Religion Classroom

consciousness, cosmology, Darwinian theory, Darwinians, Evolution, Faith & Science, fine-tuning, Francis Collins, geneticists, mathematics, methodological naturalism, natural selection, origin of life, particle physics, Philip Davies, population genetics, Richard Goldschmidt, Richard Lewontin, The Goldilocks Enigma, The Language of God, universe
Students are adept at spotting the incongruities, double standards, and tendentious arguments that often accompany methodological naturalism. Source
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Lewontin’s Confession and Mamet’s Principle

atheists, Big Bang, black holes, censorship, Darwinists, David Mamet, free will, Harvard University, Intelligent Design, Jerry Coyne, materialists, mind, morality, nature, neuroscience, Richard Lewontin, Singularity, teleology
Jerry Coyne and his Darwinist/materialist/atheist brethren make public assertions that are nonsense on their face: they claim to be mindless meat machines, they deny the indisputable evidence for intelligent design in biology and for teleology in all of nature, they deny the obvious evidence for the supernatural in cosmological singularities such as black holes and the singularity at the origin of the Big Bang, and they deny the manifest corruption of modern science by materialism and arrogance and egotism. Materialists tout determinism and deny free will, despite the fact that determinism in physics has been quite decisively refuted and the fact that free will is well supported by neuroscience and that denial of free will negates the ability to make a truth claim of any sort (if a materialist’s opinion…
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