Will Laws Protecting the Unborn Endanger Mothers?

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A fallacy used by abortionists and their allies is that doctors will be handicapped by having to comply with the law applicable to the care of their patients. Source
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Where the Abortion Debate Goes from Here

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On a new podcast, host Wesley Smith and guest Catherine Glenn Foster discuss the Dobbs decision. Source
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How Euthanasia Activists Laid the Groundwork for Overturning Roe

abortion, activists, Anti-Euthanasia Task Force, assisted suicide, common law, Constitution, courts, Culture & Ethics, Dobbs v. Jackson, Due Process Clause, euthanasia, Fourteenth Amendment, history, hubris, Law, Medicine, Patients Rights Council, Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court, Washington v. Glucksberg
Back in the ’90s, the assisted-suicide movement tried to convince the Supreme Court to impose a Roe–style decision for their cause. Source
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Mass Shootings & Pro-Choice Hysteria: Three Questions that Show the Insanity of Modern Moral Outrage

Adam Tucker, Apologetics, Christianity, Culture, Legislating Morality, Culture & Politics, Politics, pro-choice, Roe v. Wade, school shooting, Southern Evangelical Seminary, theology, Theology and Christian Apologetics, What is a Right?
By Adam Tucker As I sit at my computer thinking about the incomprehensible evil of yet another mass shooting, this time in Uvalde, Texas, the floods of outrage, sadness, fear, and uncertainty grip me as I’m sure they do many of you. Ironically, news of the tragedy broke just minutes before attending the end-of-year ceremonies at my kids’ school. Tears filled my eyes as I watched the boys and girls sing and receive their awards knowing that so many parents will not get to experience such joys after this latest tragedy. I truly cannot imagine. Yet, while the news coming out of Texas is very disturbing, there is something else I can’t get out of my mind. Just over a week ago, my family and I had the opportunity to…
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