Self-Referential Absurdity in a Theory of Consciousness

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Leonhard Euler was known to work out complex derivations in his head while blind. Of what possible use was this ability for survival? Source
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Meyer: Did a Student’s Challenging Question to Dean Kenyon Spark the Modern ID Movement?

biological information, biologists, Cambridge University, chemical evolution, chemical forces, Dallas, Dean Kenyon, DiscoveryU, DNA, Education, Intelligent Design, origin of life, San Francisco State University, self-organization, Stephen Meyer
Stephen Meyer discusses theories, like Kenyon’s, that seek to account for the information in DNA by reference to chemical forces alone. Source
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Mystery of Life’s Origin — Intelligent Design’s Original Edition, Greatly Expanded, on Sale Now!

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Editor’s note: We are delighted today to offer a new book from Discovery Institute Press, The Mystery of Life’s Origin: The Continuing Controversy, a greatly expanded and updated version of the book that, in 1984, launched the intelligent design movement. The following is excerpted from Discovery Institute Senior Fellow David Klinghoffer’s historical introduction to the work. Other brand new chapters on the “continuing controversy” about the origin of life are by chemist James Tour, physicist Brian Miller, astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez, biologist Jonathan Wells, and philosopher of science Stephen C. Meyer. How does life emerge from that which is not alive? This mystery exercises a peculiar fascination, with the power to elicit remarkable feats of imagination. As the novelist Mary Shelley recalled, her invention of the story of Frankenstein traced back…
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