Evolution Falsified? Rope Kojonen’s Achievement

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If unguided evolution can account for the eye of an eagle, does it make any sense to say that intelligent design is also needed? Source
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Un-Canceled Science

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in one event, the number of people who heard this evidence was more than twice the total number of students who participated in my Boundaries of Science course. Source
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Transformative: “Mary,” a PhD Biochemistry Student, on the Summer Seminars on ID

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Why does she use a pseudonym in the interview? You may be able to guess, but listen in to hear her explanation. Source
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Science Sunday: Is Scientific Materialism the Best Framework for Understanding Reality?

assumptions, Bill Nye, Carl Sagan, Charles Darwin, cosmos, Daniel Dennett, earth, Faith & Science, Intelligent Design, Jay Richards, material universe, materialism, Neil deGrasse Tyson, pop science, purposelessness, science, Science Uprising, scientific materialism
The voices of pop science teach us and our children that "everything, if Darwin is right, is mechanical and blind and purposeless at the bottom." Source
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