Meyer, Craig, Turek: Examining the Kalam Cosmological Argument

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Kalam is a reference to ideas in medieval Islamic philosophy that William Lane Craig singlehandedly did much to revive. Source
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Dallas Conference: What Does “The Science” Really Say about Faith?

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This year's conference, February 17 and 18, will tackle subjects we haven't explored before, including archaeology, transgenderism, and tech addiction. Source
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Stephen Meyer: How Misunderstood Science Drives Religious Disbelief

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What a shame that the scientific mainstream has done such a poor job of communicating its own discoveries to the public. Source
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Italian Center on Intelligent Design Holds Launch Event

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The city of Turin was an especially fitting place for the public launch of a group focusing on intelligent design. Source
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Stephen Meyer Takes Questions, Including: “Has Science Matured Past Its Christian Origins?”

"God of the gaps", Catholicism, Christianity, Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, dark energy, dark matter, ether, Faith & Science, Galileo Galilei, Hebrew Bible, Isaac Newton, John West, mathematics, Neil deGrasse Tyson, neo-Platonism, philosophy, Physics, Earth & Space, Reformation, Renaissance, Return of the God Hypothesis, scientists, theism
Granted that the early scientists were Christians, does it follow that science necessarily supports Christianity or any form of theism? Source
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Meyer: Theistic Implications of the Multiverse

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"As for the Multiverse, even sci-fi writers now recognize that if such a thing exists, it would still require an ultimate Creator." Source
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