In Aurora Borealis, Scientific and Aesthetic Design Arguments Meet 

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You appreciate the aurora borealis or aurora australis because you were not created by strictly material evolutionary processes. Source
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Anti-Hate Group, Canary Mission, Exposes “Science Educator” Professor Dave

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The idea that Jews, alone among indigenous peoples, have no right to defend themselves on their land, is at once anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Source
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The Rocks Cry Out — Looking Back on My Year

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We enjoyed our staff Christmas lunch yesterday at Ivar’s in downtown Seattle and a number of colleagues spoke movingly. Source
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Ray Kurzweil Predicts: The “Singularity” by 2045

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Under Kurzweil’s transhumanist vision of the future, AI promises us superhuman capabilities complete with heaven on earth and eternal life Source
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My Friend Olufemi Oluniyi and Darwin’s Legacy in Nigeria

Africa, Bible, British Empire, C. S. Lewis Fellows Program, Cambridge University, Catholic University of America, Christianity, COVID-19, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Comes to Africa, Discovery Institute, Evolution, New College, New York Times, Olufemi Oluniyi, Reconciliation in Northern Nigeria, Scotland, Seattle, snobbery, Social Darwinism, Summer Seminars, University of Edinburgh
Olufemi opened my eyes and heart to the importance of Nigeria to Africa, the dynamic role of Christians there, and the importance of Africa to the world. Source
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Egnor: Why More Sex Change Medicine for Teens in U.S. than Europe?

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One factor in the difference between the United States and Europe may be less accurate information in the United States. Source
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Scientific Racism and the Confederate Flag

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Alexander H. Stephens was Vice President of the Confederacy. In 1861 he delivered an oration justifying slavery and rebellion on scientific grounds. Source
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Job Opening at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture

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Why not look for a job that allows you to do something you love, while making an important impact on the world? Source
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