Ray Kurzweil Predicts: The “Singularity” by 2045

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Under Kurzweil’s transhumanist vision of the future, AI promises us superhuman capabilities complete with heaven on earth and eternal life Source
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Marks: Non-Computable You Won’t Achieve Immortality Through an AI Machine

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Dreams of achieving immortality by having your consciousness uploaded, merging man and computer in the predicted 2045 “Singularity,” are just that — dreams. Source
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Critics Respond to Stephen Meyer’s New Book (Without Mentioning Him by Name)

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The critics, including Ethan Siegel, appear to see Meyer much like Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. Source
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Lewontin’s Confession and Mamet’s Principle

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Jerry Coyne and his Darwinist/materialist/atheist brethren make public assertions that are nonsense on their face: they claim to be mindless meat machines, they deny the indisputable evidence for intelligent design in biology and for teleology in all of nature, they deny the obvious evidence for the supernatural in cosmological singularities such as black holes and the singularity at the origin of the Big Bang, and they deny the manifest corruption of modern science by materialism and arrogance and egotism. Materialists tout determinism and deny free will, despite the fact that determinism in physics has been quite decisively refuted and the fact that free will is well supported by neuroscience and that denial of free will negates the ability to make a truth claim of any sort (if a materialist’s opinion…
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