My Friend Olufemi Oluniyi and Darwin’s Legacy in Nigeria

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Olufemi opened my eyes and heart to the importance of Nigeria to Africa, the dynamic role of Christians there, and the importance of Africa to the world. Source
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Cambridge UP Book Airbrushes Darwin’s Contribution to Scientific Racism

Adolf Hitler, Cal State Stanislaus, Cambridge University Press, Charles Darwin, Culture & Ethics, eugenics, Evolution, From Darwin to Hitler, Hitler’s Ethic, Hitler’s Religion, Jeffrey O’Connell, master race, Michael Ruse, Richard Weikart, scientific racism, Social Darwinism, struggle for life, The Death of Humanity
Darwin’s racist and pro-eugenics thinking, combined with some implications of his theory that he expressed, laid the groundwork for Hitler’s diabolical outlook. Source
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The Cruel Legacy of Social Darwinism in Nigeria

Africa, Africans, biology, Charles Darwin, chimpanzees, colonialism, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Comes to Africa, ethnicity, Europe, Europeans, Evolution, French Guinea, genetics, historiography, Joseph Stalin, Mandinka, morality, nationality, natural selection, Nigeria, Northern Nigeria, pseudo-science, Race, Racism, random mutation, religion, scientific racism, Social Darwinism, tiger, tiger moth
Social Darwinism rests like a tiger moth on Darwinism, its mother theory; when challenged with facts, it just flits to a slightly different position. Source
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#5 Story of 2022: The Rise of Totalitarian Science

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Now, facts are becoming clearer — and so are the momentous consequences of the pandemic for our culture. Source
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In the Footsteps of Social Darwinist Cesare Lombroso

biology, Cesare Lombroso, Charles Darwin, criminal justice, criminals, criminologists, criminology, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Day in America, Evolution, face masks, facial features, forensic medicine, head shape, heredity, Italy, museums, phrenology, prisoners, skeleton, skulls, Social Darwinism, Turin, University of Torino
Lombroso’s ideas were quack science. But they were taken seriously by criminologists and public officials around the world until they were debunked. Source
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Censored by YouTube: Watch The Biology of the Second Reich Now

Anthem Film Festival, censorship, Culture & Ethics, Darwinian racism, Darwinists, documentary, Evolution, free speech, Germany, Holocaust, Kaiser, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, Racism, racists, Richard Weikart, Rumble, Second Reich, Social Darwinism, The Biology of the Second Reich, World War I, YouTube videos
I’m not sure why my video was singled out. Perhaps it received too many complaints from outraged Darwinists, or even from racists. Source
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Bioethicists Okay Human Extinction to Eliminate Suffering

asteroid, Christianity, Culture & Ethics, eugenics, euthanasia, extinction, Hilary Greaves, human extinction, Humanize, Joni Eareckson Tada, Journal of Medical Ethics Blog, nihilists, Oxford University, Physics, Earth & Space, Roger Crisp, Social Darwinism, Suffering, transhumanism, University of Calgary, Walter Glannon, Will MacAskill
A few months ago, Oxford professor Roger Crisp opined that we might not want to stop a huge asteroid from hitting the Earth. Source
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Evolutionary Psychology: Checkered Past, Checkered Present

boys, Casey Luskin, Charles Darwin, Culture & Ethics, Darwin critics, Evolution, evolutionary psychology, girls, human behavior, ID The Future, materialism, natural selection, Podcast, sexual selection, Social Darwinism, sociobiology, The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith, The Descent of Man, The Spiritual Brain, Victorian England, World War II
If we want to effectively explain human behavior in all its messy richness, we would do well to look beyond this box of just-so stories. Source
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Documentary Human Zoos Is Screened at Detroit’s African-American History Museum

African Americans, Amazon Prime, And Still We Rise, Angela King, apes, Bronx Zoo, Charles H. Wright Museum, Culture & Ethics, Detroit, Discovery Institute, documentary, eugenics, Evolution, forced sterilization, Human Zoos, humans, John West, missing links, Monkey House, New York City, Ota Benga, Planned Parenthood, Racism, Saartjie Baartman, Social Darwinism, Valerie Sweeney Prince, Wayne State University
The film tells how thousands of indigenous peoples were put on public display in America in what scholars today call “human zoos.” Source
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African Genocide: The Horror of Scientific Racism

"survival of the fittest", Africa, age restriction, algorithms, censorship, Charles Darwin, Christianity, Culture & Ethics, Darwinism, documentary, Evolution, genocide, German ideology, German Southwest Africa, Herero people, imperialism, Namibia, Politicians, pop culture, preachers, Racism, religious racism, scientific racism, Second Reich, Social Darwinism, The Biology of the Second Reich, World War I, YouTube videos
My documentary only tells one part of the story of racism, and only a part of the story of Social Darwinism's influence on Western imperialism. Source
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