Up from Dawkins: Summer Seminars Were a Turning Point for Me

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I wanted to determine whether I was, as Richard Dawkins asserted, an accident of nature. Or was I created by God? Source
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The Rocks Cry Out — Looking Back on My Year

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We enjoyed our staff Christmas lunch yesterday at Ivar’s in downtown Seattle and a number of colleagues spoke movingly. Source
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Luskin: Book Banning? Woke Forces Know All About That; They Practiced on Us

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"Those 49 words — suggesting that students consult a library book if they wanted to learn more about a scientific idea — were too much for the thought police." Source
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Summers Seminars: A MUST if You’re Considering a Science Career; Applications Due April 1

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One student said he was shocked to find that the academic quality was greater than that of many of his college courses and yet it cost him nothing. Source
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Khan Academy Misleads with Human-Chimp Genetic Similarity Argument for Common Ancestry

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The video compares humans and chimps, saying the latter’s behaviors and facial expressions are “eerily human.” I could say the same thing about my cat. Source
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Excerpt: Letter to the Journal of Chemical Education

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Unlike philosophy journals — or high school newspapers — many science journals are unwilling to publish responses by people attacked in their pages. Source
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To Avoid Debate, Darwinists at the AAAS Would Even Censor…Darwin

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A modest proposal to teach evolution the way Darwin treated his own theory has “no support” from one of the world’s most powerful scientific organizations. Source
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