Subduction and the “Mechanism” of Intelligent Design

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Archean Eon, crustal material, diapirs, early Earth, geologists, Geology, inference to design, Intelligent Design, lithosphere, mechanism, mélange rocks, nature, Nature Communications, Neoproterozoic Era, plate tectonics, subduction, subduction zones
We can see plenty of evidence that intelligent design in nature is real, but it’s not always clear exactly how that design is instantiated in nature. Source
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What Subduction Teaches About Intelligent Design

carbon, chalk, continental crust, erosion, Great Oxidation Event, Intelligent Design, limestone, mantle, Michael Denton, Nature Communications, Nature Geoscience, nitrogen, oceanic crust, oceanic sediments, phosphorous, plate tectonics, scientific papers, solar system, subduction, sulfur, The Wonder of Water, volcanos
My PhD research was on the early plate tectonic history on earth. Plate tectonics involves the movement of plates on the surface of the earth. Source
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