Evolutionary Theory as Magical Thinking

ancient Greeks, Argument from Pique, Aristotelian tradition, atomists, automatism, Baruch Spinoza, bio-logic, Charles Darwin, Christian de Duve, Christianity, Darwin and the Victorian Crisis of Faith (series), Darwin’s Unfinished Business, Erasmus Darwin, Evolution, Faith & Science, freethinking, Life Sciences, logos, magical thinking, moral sensibility, nous, philosophers, Simon Powell, supernatural, Thomas Malthus
Charles Darwin himself exemplified the Argument from Pique, alluded to in past entries in this series, to a tee. Source
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Are Singularities a Part of Science?

Albert Einstein, Arjuna Das, atheists, Big Bang, black holes, extra-natural objects, Faith & Science, field equations, general relativity, infinity, Justice, mathematics, Matt Dillahunty, mercy, Michael Egnor, morality, Physics, Earth & Space, singularities, supernatural, Theology Unleashed, Thomas Aquinas, zero
"Any paper that discusses or describes singularities in the field equations of general relativity is discussing extra-natural objects." Source
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Meyer in the Jerusalem Post: Farewell to the Purposeless Cosmos

Africans, atheists, causal circularity, Charles Murray, computer code, DNA, Douglas Murray, faith, Faith & Science, First Cause, Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, Jerusalem Post, Jordan Peterson, molecular machines, New Atheists, New New Atheists, Phil Torres, Privileged Planet, Return of the God Hypothesis, South Africa, Stephen Meyer, Steven Weinberg, supernatural, Tom Holland
From living in South Africa for more than four years, I got a good sense of African perspectives on atheism. Source
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Jordan Peterson, Lawrence Krauss, and the God Hypothesis

Atheism, Beyond Order, Big Bang, Faith & Science, God Hypothesis, Jordan Peterson, Lawrence Krauss, Macbeth, metaphysics, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, psychology, religion, Return of the God Hypothesis, Richard Dawkins, Santa Claus, scientists, secular humanism, Stephen Meyer, supernatural, universe
Stephen Meyer opens his new book with a memorable anecdote about debating Krauss live while battling a fierce migraine. Source
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