Alfred Russel Wallace’s Bicentennial Year: A Cause for Celebration and for Sadness

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All the hyperbole shows the fix is in — Wallace has been made safe for scientism and Darwinian reductionism. The academy can breathe easy. Source
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The Dawkins Test Returns an Answer: Intelligent Design

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Dr. Luskin details the various ways that the rapidly developing field of phylogenomics is uncovering data that powerfully fits the ID model of life’s history. Source
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Intelligent Design Passes the Dawkins Test

atheists, biology, Brian Miller, Caroline Parins-Fukuchia, Cédric Blais, common ancestry, discordance, Dominik Schrempf, Evolution, evolutionary genomics, genus, Gergely Szöllősi, Gonzalo Giribet, Gregory W. Stull, intelligent agents, Intelligent Design, John M. Archibald, Juli Berwald, Michael DeGiorgio, Nature (journal), Nature Ecology & Evolution, phylogenetic studies, phylogenomics, phylogeny, pseudogenes, Queen Mary University of London, Rasmus Nielsen, Richard Buggs, Richard Dawkins, Richard H. Adams, Science and Faith in Dialogue, species, Stephen A. Smith, The Greatest Show on Earth, Todd A. Castoe, Tree of Life, UC Berkeley
After it passed his challenge, will atheist evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins now embrace the theory of intelligent design? Source
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