Why Intelligent Design Best Explains the Fossil Record Data

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The fossil record is consistent with the engineering-based theory of bounded adaptation Source
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Listen: Carbon Valley Trumps Silicon Valley

Andrew McDiarmid, biology, Carbon Valley, cell's, Crossway, Douglas Axe, Evolution, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, molecular biologists, natural selection, Podcast, random mutation, Silicon Valley, smartphone, Stephen Meyer, Technology, Theistic Evolution (book)
“Nobody doubts that natural selection and random mutation is a biological process. What we doubt is that they can generate fundamentally new forms of life.” Source
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Bechly: Problems with Universal Common Ancestry Posed by the Fossil Record

abrupt appearance, biology, Cambrian Explosion, Cambrian News, Crossway, Darwinism, Evolution, fossil record, Günter Bechly, ID The Future, paleontology, Podcast, Sarah Chaffee, Stephen Meyer, Theistic Evolution (book), universal common ancestry
Paleontologist Günter Bechly was a proponent of Darwinism until he discovered significant scientific reasons to doubt the evolutionary story. Source
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Confronting Joshua Swamidass on Confrontation

Book of Job, computational biologists, confrontation, Conversation, Creation, Crossway, dialogue, eagle, evolutionary theory, Faith & Science, Günter Bechly, hawk, Intelligent Design, Joshua Swamidass, paleontologists, theistic evolution, Theistic Evolution (book), Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed, Washington University
Swamidass got it wrong, and it’s perfectly appropriate for me to confront him on that. I wasn’t talking about any approach to human argumentation at all. Source
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Is There Discontinuity in Biology — And How Would We Know?

archaea, bacteria, biogeography, biology, Biology Direct, cell's, discontinuity, Douglas Theobald, embryology, Eugene Koonin, eukaryotes, Evolution, evolutionary mechanisms, fossil record, Intelligent Design, mathematics, mechanisms of evolution, paleontology, phyla, protein folds, rafting, Theistic Evolution (book), transitional forms, Tree of Life, universal common ancestry, viruses
For my part, I think it’s better to approach the data without assumptions and to let the evidence speak for itself. Source
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