Here’s How We Get Around the Wikipedia Roadblock

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Something has gone seriously wrong in our culture. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, strict, arbitrary, and undemocratic dictates for the law-abiding, and a free-for-all for those who sow chaos disguised as “protest,” you have to wonder what will come next. In these mad times, Discovery Institute’s mission — to advance creativity over destruction — has never seemed more urgent. I want to suggest a way that you can join us in that. However, there’s a time limit: to help, you need to act by the end of Tuesday, June 30. Many Americans are isolated from others. At the same time, the King’s Highway of news, information, and inspiration — social media and other online sources — is increasingly blocked. Facebook, Google, and Twitter no longer hide their bias and censorship.  Newcomers…
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Darwinian Biologist Notices that Evolution Is Irrelevant to Medical Research

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Editor’s note: As biologist Jonathan Wells observes, “[T]he measures being taken against the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic owe nothing to evolutionary theory.” Yet a persistent claim from evolutionists is that medical research would be crippled without a Darwinian framework. Evolution News presents a series of our previously published work addressing the myth of “Darwinian medicine.” Darwinist P.Z. Myers is shocked that medical researchers aren’t invoking “evolution” regularly in their research papers: It’s not just creationists! It’s also MDs who avoid the “E” word. A survey of the literature found an interesting shift in usage: “The results of our survey showed a huge disparity in word use between the evolutionary biology and biomedical research literature. In research reports in journals with primarily evolutionary or genetic content, the word “evolution” was used 65.8% of…
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Jeffrey Epstein and the Silence of the Scientists

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On a new episode of ID the Future, neurosurgery professor Michael Egnor discusses the code of silence that kept numerous scientists tied to consensus and silent on Jeffrey Epstein when they should have spoken out. Download the episode or listen to it here. Talking with host Emily Kurlinski, Egnor says that even when it was already widely known that Epstein was involved in child prostitution, his funding was still widely sought and received by scientific institutions, and he entertained scientists who willingly accepted his money. Anyone who’d spoken up, says Egnor, would likely have lost his career. There is a striking parallel. Egnor offers examples of scientists who were open to intelligent design but either kept silent to protect their career or who stepped forward and suffered the consequences at…
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