Reflecting God’s Character in Apologetics

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By Mikel Del Rosario Character Counts Our spiritual conversations should reflect God’s character Explaining reasons to believe doesn’t have to strictly be an intellectual thing. In fact, it shouldn’t be—especially when we’re talking to our skeptical friends, neighbors, and others who see Christianity differently. No, apologetics is way more profound in terms of its role in cultural engagement. Character plays a key role in this. And it isn’t just about adding memorized apologetic answers to your life. Developing a Christian character needs to be part of our discipleship to Jesus. I can’t tell you how many times the importance of character has come up in my work with other apologists, in my ministry, and in my teaching at William Jessup University. Let me give you just four examples from my…
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In Carbon Isotope Excursions, Darwinists Lose Another Excuse for the Cambrian Explosion

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The claim that a spike in carbon isotope concentrations led to the explosion of biological diversity in the Cambrian doesn’t hold up, as if it would have helped, anyway. Source
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James Dwight Dana: Falsely Claimed Darwinist

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When it comes to claims of the “nearly unanimous” acceptance of Darwinian evolution, mere assertion cannot stand as fact. Source
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Talking with Your Kids about Jesus with Natasha Crain

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Podcast: Play in new window Jesus of Nazareth is not only the most influential human being in history but God incarnate.  Do you know how to talk with your kids about Him?  You will after you hear this podcast because author and apologist Natasha Crain is Frank’s guest.  Natasha and Frank discuss: Is Jesus God? If Jesus us God, how could He die? Did ancient people believe in miracles because they were more gullible? What did Jesus teach about Hell? Didn’t Jesus tell us not to judge?  If so, how are we to make any decisions? What did Jesus teach about love?  Is it approval? What did the death of Jesus accomplish? Why does it matter if Jesus resurrected? Did the disciples lie about the resurrection story? How is the…
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Reactions to John Crist’s Moral Failings Demonstrate Our Culture’s Confusion about Christianity

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By Natasha Crain News broke yesterday that popular Christian comedian and YouTuber John Crist has come forth with an admission of ongoing “sexual sin and addiction struggles” after multiple women exposed years of his sexually immoral behavior. Honestly, my heart sank when I saw this. I love Crist’s videos. We watch them with our kids. In fact, our family had just watched one of his most popular ones, “Church Hunters,” this week! If you’re not familiar with Crist, he pokes fun at evangelical culture through his videos, and in a way that you can typically nod along with because they (unfortunately and humorously) hit close to home. Church Hunters, for example, is a parody that features a couple searching for a new church, but they’re considering all the wrong criteria…something…
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