The Elephant in the Science Lab

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I have been seeking to describe the science of purpose. Now it is worth getting down to the basics of what science actually is and how it works. Source
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Ecuador’s Highest Court Grants Rights to Wild Animals

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Nature rights apply to individual animals. And, one would assume, to be consistent, to individual plants, insects, water, and (what the hell) germs too. Source
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Do We Live on a Privileged Planet?

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Yes, rainbows are beautiful, but are they good for anything? Indeed, they have been very important for science. Source
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Handling Water Like Nature Does — By Intelligent Design

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Here in the Pacific Northwest we are heading into a possibly historic heatwave. Water is on everyone's mind. Nature beautifully anticipated our needs. Source
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Is Fine-Tuning “More Extreme” in Biology or Cosmology?

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As authors Thorvaldsen and Hössjer say, “Biology is inherently more complicated than the large-scale universe and so fine-tuning is even more a feature.” Source
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How Water’s Chemistry Helps Make Life on Earth Possible

biology, Chemistry, earth, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, Michael Denton, planetary fine-tuning, Podcast, Privileged Species, The Wonder of Water, water
On a classic episode of ID the Future, we bring you a sample from the documentary Privileged Species arguing that water possesses many unique properties that appear finely tuned to allow for life on Earth. The excerpt dips a toe into what biologist Michael Denton explores in much greater depth in his book The Wonder of Water. Download the podcast or listen to it here. Photo source: A scene from Privileged Species, via Discovery Institute (screen shot). The post How Water’s Chemistry Helps Make Life on Earth Possible appeared first on Evolution News.
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Wonder of Water: Michael Denton at Bridalveil Fall

biosphere, body heat, Bridalveil Fall, carbon dioxide, circulatory system, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, Michael Denton, minerals, nutrients, oxygen, rivers, rock, streams, The Wonder of Water, water, Yosemite
On a classic episode of ID the Future, geneticist and biochemist Michael Denton reads the beautiful introduction to his book The Wonder of Water. Download the podcast or listen to it here. He begins at Yosemite’s Bridalveil Fall and explores how water is curiously fine-tuned for life. Indeed, thanks to a unique cluster of properties, water is able to fulfill many roles essential to our living planet. It’s thanks to some of those properties that rivers and streams can leech and carry minerals from rock to various places they’re needed in the biosphere. Water’s unusual properties also make it an ideal medium for our circulatory system. There it serves not only to transfer nutrients and oxygen but also to expel carbon dioxide, excess body heat, and waste products — again, thanks…
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Michael Denton: Remarkable Coincidences in Photosynthesis

coincidences, Energy, genetics, ID The Future, improbability, Intelligent Design, Life Sciences, light, Michael Denton, oxygen, photosynthesis, Podcast, water
On a classic episode of ID the Future, listen in on a a few minutes from a lecture given by medical geneticist and CSC Senior Fellow Michael Denton. Download the podcast or listen to it here. We’ve all heard of the importance of photosynthesis as an oxygen-creating process. In this segment, Denton explains the “remarkable set of coincidences” that makes the creation of oxygen through photosynthesis possible. From the specific energy of visible light to the unique properties of water, this degree of improbability screams DESIGN. Photo source: “Why Our Sun and Atmosphere Appear Intelligently Designed,” via Discovery Institute. The post Michael Denton: Remarkable Coincidences in Photosynthesis appeared first on Evolution News.
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