I Grew Up with Intelligent Design Videos — Let’s Make More!

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Even as a child, I could sense the scientific rigor and common sense in CSC videos, and I learned to recognize media hype about evolution for what it is. Source
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Stephen Meyer Interview with Piers Morgan: Science, God, and the Loss of a Parent

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Meyer discusses the recent loss of his mother to dementia. Talking about grief leads to a powerful point, that may be unfamiliar to many viewers. Source
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Watchdog Group Calls Professor Dave “Anti-Semite of the Week”; Plus an Appeal to the New Atheists

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Does this have anything to do with intelligent design and the evolution debate? Yes, two things. Source
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Anti-Hate Group, Canary Mission, Exposes “Science Educator” Professor Dave

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The idea that Jews, alone among indigenous peoples, have no right to defend themselves on their land, is at once anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Source
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No. 6 Story of 2023: On Free Will, ChatGPT4 Blows Away Atheist Sam Harris

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Yes, the irony here is palpable, and I’ve long been critical of Harris’s view of free will as an illusion. Source
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More on Roger Penrose and Fine-Tuning

Anthropic Principle, chicken feed, fine-tuning, Fire-Maker, gravitational constant, Guillermo Gonzalez, initial entropy, Intelligent Design, intelligent observers, Jay Richards, multiverse, multiverse theory, Nobel Prize, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Roger Penrose, The Edge of Evolution, The Privileged Planet, william lane craig, YouTube videos
Penrose offers as an alternative to design only that maybe some very different kind of life might be possible without the fine-tunings we see in our universe. Source
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Couldn’t Life’s Information Have Accumulated Gradually? No, and New Long Story Explains Why Not

accuracy, biological information, chemical evolution, code, DNA, Evolution, genome, information, Intelligent Design, James Tour, Long Story Short, Lynn Helena Caporale, origin of life, researchers, self-replication, The Implicit Genome, YouTube videos
It turns out there are five separate qualities to life and its information that make this comforting rationalization impossible to uphold. Source
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Origin of Life: James Tour’s Sensational 60-Day Challenge to Ten Top Researchers

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Of the ten, Lee Cronin at least is quite active on Twitter or X. I’m going to tweet this to him right now. You should too! Source
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