Christian Coaching in the Franklin, Tennessee Area

Christian Life Coaching for Men and Young Men in the Franklin, Tennessee Area

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Scripture First. Scripture is the foundation. I help you find the path to healing, hope, faith and power in Scripture.

Christ-following Coach. I’m a Christ-following coach, not just a coach who also happens to be a Christian.

Victory and Power. My goal is for clients to achieve empowerment in the name of Jesus. People should recognize their identity in Christ and the authority that comes with that identity so they can influence the world as opposed to being influenced by the world.

Demand Answers. Christians are often vulnerable because they carry doubts about their faith that are reinforced by perceived hypocrisies, lack of answers and contradictory life experiences. I desire a no-holds-barred environment, where the most difficult questions are asked and grappled with.

I guide men and young men.

Do you share any experiences with Brace?

  • I was not raised in a Christian home
  • I was raised around the world as the son of an Army Non-commissioned Officer
  • I graduated from West Point
  • I graduated from the US Army’s Ranger and Airborne Schools
  • I served 11 years as a leader in the US Army
  • Prior to my conversion, I was married for five years and then divorced
  • I received salvation through Jesus Christ at the age of 28 after discovering how lost I was
  • My wife and I have been married for 27 years
  • My wife and I lost our first child in delivery
  • We declared bankruptcy after the loss of our businesses
  • My wife and I have raised three children
  • I have published four books
    • A Personal Decision for Jesus – Or Not: Exploring the Evidence for and Against the Christian Worldview 
    • TESTED: A New Strategy for Keeping Kids in the Faith
    • Ranger School, No Excuse Leadership: Inspiring True Stories of Ranger School Graduates
    • The Art of War: Organized for Decision Making
  • I have attend a small home-church for several years
  • I changed my last name from Barber to McCoy in 2021 to revert back to my ancestral family name.